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File # 02 24166


Lifeguard Chairs


Lifeguard Chairs - Portable

Portable Lifeguard Chair

Extended Observation Platform with Swivel Seat for better vision.

Portable Lifeguard Chair Specifications

Lifeguard Chairs - Vista

Vista Lifeguard Chair

Excellent for temporary or semi-permanent applications.

Vista Lifeguard Chair Specifications

Outlook Lifeguard Chair

Outlook Lifeguard Chair

Ideal, all-purpose guard chair for permanent installation on commercial and competition pools.

Outlook Lifeguard Chair Sepcifications

Outlook Lifeguard Chair

O-Series Lifeguard Chair

Compact design—easy to place anywhere around pool your pool.

O-Series Lifeguard Chair Sepcifications

Guardian Lifeguard Chairs

Guardian Lifeguard Chair

Swivel Stand and Umbrella Holder for Lifeguard comfort.

Guardian Lifeguard Chair Specifications

Guardian Lifeguard Chairs

Low Profile Lifeguard Chair

Versatile-great for indoor pools.

Low Profile Lifeguard Chair Specifications

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